Dr. Julia Felton

For people with psychiatric disorders, alcohol use and major depression are quite common. A new study may have uncovered key predictors for the combination of these disorders, information to aid in prevention and treatment.

Opioid abuse

The U.S. opioid epidemic is pronounced in low-income areas and where people lack health care services, which includes cities in Michigan and across the Rust Belt. Public health researchers set out to determine if opioid overdose deaths occur in patterns in Flint

Maji Debena

Most seriously mentally ill inmates face daunting barriers to getting the medical and mental health care they need after they are released, which can lead to relapses, suicide attempts, and further arrests. Maji Debena believes peer navigators can help.

Flint Kids Cooking Class

PBS News Hour reports on a number of programs that are working to encourage good nutrition for the children of Flint, Michigan. Triggered by high levels of lead in the drinking water and a public health crisis, how is Michigan State University making a difference?

Rodlescia Sneed

Rodlescia Sneed is making a two-year commitment to engage in National Institutes of Health health disparities research in exchange for loan repayment for her graduate education. In her public health work, Sneed assesses how stress and social relationships impact health.    

Amy Saxe-Custack

Amy Saxe-Custack is dedicated to the evaluation and expansion of nutrition programs that target children and families living in Flint, with a focus on improving access to fresh foods. Much of her work examines the impact of a fruit and vegetable prescription program for pediatric patients. 

Woody Neighbors

Attention black men, don't miss out on getting mental health help. Woody Neighbors asks African American men to talk to someone about what’s really goin’ on. “If you feel something, say something.” Try not to catch Tough Guy Syndrome. Be healthy not tough.

Dr. Debra Furr-Holden

Debra Furr-Holden joins the College of Human Medicine’s dean’s executive team as the associate dean for public health integration. An epidemiologist by training, her research aims to ameliorate behavioral health inequities.

Vicki Johnson-Lawrence

Vicki Johnson-Lawrence talks to ABC News about the impact of the Flint Water Crisis. Her research embraces a health equity framework and examines ways in which the mental and physical health of residents in vulnerable communities are impacted by complex stressors. 

Hands holding a lit match and shining a light

Flint ReCAST hosts "Shine Your Light"  Resiliency Week and Environmental Justice Summit. This is a free family-friendly event for Flint-area residents and professionals, March 27 - 30.

Todd Lucas

Every year in the U.S., colorectal cancer claims more lives than traffic accidents. Todd Lucas is working to improve colorectal cancer screening and prevent needless loss of life from cancer. 

Flint River

On Friday, March 15, 2019, the Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center brings together researchers and practitioners to share public health research findings.