The Charles Stewart Mott Department of Public Health focuses on population health from its home base – the College of Human Medicine’s Flint campus. Being embedded in the Flint community allows our faculty and researchers to understand the assets and needs of the community while studying Flint’s most pressing public health issues.
Spartans work side-by-side with community partners and health care providers in a community-identified and community-participatory public health focus model.
To eliminate health disparities in diverse populations in local and global communities while attaining the highest level of health for all individuals and groups – with a particular emphasis on the community of Flint. The Department is committed to:
  • Optimizing health outcomes with community-driven solutions from public health research that is methodologically rigorous and equitably and ethically community-partnered.
  • The development and support of community and clinical intervention programs which have positive impacts and further seek to establish best practices through health policy, advocacy, and robust evaluations.
  • Educating, training, and developing a diverse and inclusive public health workforce and partners, while equipping them with essential leadership skills to improve health in all communities.  

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Community-Participatory Research

Partners in the community help fuel the efforts with resources and a shared commitment to improving lives with more than 30 organizations collaborating on Flint research.

+$159 Million in External Funding 
From 2014 - March 28, 2024

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Online Public Health Education

MSU's Master of Public Health is a generalist professional degree or Graduate Certificate that allows students to choose elective courses that fit their personal and professional goals.  

+700 Spartan in Public Health Alumni

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Will You Join Us in a Heroic Effort?

Public health is one of the most urgent challenges of our generation and now is the time to make a difference together. Your support is critical to addressing health disparities. Explore ways to join us in creating healthier communities:  
  • Support scholarships for Master of Public Health students
  • Join forces with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha on a transformational effort to address child poverty
  • Participate in the Mott Match, a $5 million matching fund for four endowed faculty positions in Flint