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Student Q&A: Kristy Kontowsky

Master of Public Health student, Kristy Kontowsky, has always felt a sense of belonging at Michigan State University. As she thought about continuing her education after her undergraduate experience at MSU, she knew that she wanted to stay in the Spartan community. 

Now finishing up her second semester in the program, Kontowsky reflects on how she became interested in public health and shares why she loves being a Spartan in this Q&A. 

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Rx Kids Program Aims to Tackle Poverty to Improve the Health of City of Flint Moms and Babies

Thanks to an intended $15 million “challenge” grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Flint moms and babies could soon benefit from an innovative program that boldly tackles a root cause of health disparities – poverty. Rx Kids will be the first citywide program in the United States to address maternal and infant poverty with the novel approach of unconditional cash allowances to ALL City of Flint pregnant moms and babies. 

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Why Michigan Needs Tutoring to Improve Tobacco Grades

Michigan continues to struggle to protect residents from tobacco products' harmful effects.

As a typical overachiever, receiving any grade lower than an “A” has always been terrifying. However, Michigan recently did just that. Across three out of five domains, Michigan failed the American Lung Association Tobacco Control Report Card.[1]

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