Sara Loughrige

You’re six months pregnant, and you get the news that the father of your unborn child has been shot and killed while visiting his family in a town two hours away. It could be your undoing, or you could work through your grief and eventually move on with your life to do something positive in spite of the tragedy.

That’s what happened to Sara Loughrige in February 2005.

“All you can do is try to keep going,” Loughrige said. “The immediate feeling is that you don’t want to do anything—you get frozen in grief.”

Noel Pingatore

Armed with her MSU master’s degree in public health and more than 25 years of experience, Noel Pingatore, Spartan in Public Health, joined the fight against COVID-19 to decrease transmission and improve patient outcomes for tribal communities in Michigan. Tribal communities were experiencing higher rates of underlying risk factors for COVID-19 and disproportionate health outcomes.

Clara Barajas

Clara Barajas grew up working in farm fields and picking crops with her siblings. As a child, she recalls serving as a translator and helping loved ones get needed health care services. As a public health professional, she advocates for the health interests of the Latino community.

Emily Williams

Emily Williams is working to improve population health in the Greater Detroit area. With a focus on the social determinants of health, she is addressing food insecurity, housing, transportation, and employment needs.

Bryan O. Buckley

Academic scholarship. Mentoring. Community leadership. Teaching. Research. It seems that Bryan O. Buckley, Spartan in Public Health, has accomplished it all. But he’s really just getting started. For Buckley, public health is his vehicle to make the world better.

Terence Gipson

Terence Gipson works as a research coordinator for the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Gipson was able to continue his work in Central and South America, all while completing his master of public health degree at MSU.

Craig Reed

Craig Reed is the director of the Binge and Underage Drinking Initiative with the Institute for Public Strategies. His work focuses on systems change to promote health and wellness, mentoring young public health advocates, and revitalizing neighborhoods in California.

Sue Kim

Sue Kim works as an influenza data analyst for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. She is responsible for tracking population-based rates of hospitalization due to severe influenza-related illness across five counties in Michigan.

Amanda Darsche

Amanda Darche, Spartan in Public Health, works as the Health Communication Specialist and Public Information Officer for the Ingham County Health Department. Her goal is to influence people’s health behaviors and beliefs.

Katherine Adwell

Human Medicine, Paleontology, Vet Med, and Public Health... Katherine Adwell has carved out a non-traditional career path for herself—which includes her passion for animals.

Leah Maschino

Leah Maschino has always been interested in helping people. She is working her passion by strengthening Flint families and helping prevent substance use disorders.