Culminating Experience

Public Health Applied Practice Experience

Throughout the MPH program, a student is required to demonstrate attainment of the MPH Foundational and General Concentration Competencies - the Applied Practice Experience provides an opportunity to do so through applied practice. HM 892 is a minimum three-credit course during which a student completes the goals, objectives, and deliverables developed in the practicum proposal. It requires a commitment of up to 180 hours with a minimum 120 hours of face-to-face time.

There is no standard approach to identifying a suitable practicum topic and/or a practicum site/agency. Many students identify potential practicum projects and practicum sites through prior students’ practicum experiences. Students can investigate prior practicum experiences via conversations with faculty members, peers, or internship/job postings. It is never too early to begin to seek out and develop professional relationships with public health professionals working at public health agencies that may serve as optimal practicum sites in the future. Students are encouraged to develop and obtain feedback about potential practicum sites and projects from the MPH practicum coordinator, who can help focus the practicum experience and suggest possible resources and sites. Ultimately, the topic the student chooses should coincide with their interests as well as their educational and career goals.

Enrollment in HM 892 requires a passing grade of at least 3.0 in HM 801 and each of the five core courses. A student must have an approved practicum proposal completed prior to enrollment in the course.

A student may take the Applied Practice Experience in a single semester by registering for a minimum of three credits with HM 892 or, depending upon the nature of the practicum, the student may complete it over multiple semesters with approval from their advisor. In the latter case, the student will register for one to three credits each semester, provided the student takes a minimum of three practicum credits in total. The student may not use practicum credits that exceed the three-credit minimum to satisfy the elective course credit requirement for the MPH.

For further information on HM 892: Public Health Applied Practice Experience, please reference the Master of Public Health Applied Practice Experience Handbook.


Public Health Integrative Learning Experience

The Public Health Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) is the final requirement for completion of the MPH degree. The ILE must demonstrate a synthesis of the MPH Foundational and General Concentration Competencies and provide evidence of the student’s ability to integrate the knowledge acquired during their course of study into a high-quality, culminating written product in the form of a capstone paper that aligns with the student’s educational and professional objectives.

A student is highly encouraged to pursue the capstone paper option that correlates with the selective course they have taken.

The ILE may not be undertaken with any of the MPH foundational courses, core courses, or electives considered pertinent to the completion of the capstone paper. It is highly recommended the student complete the APE prior to enrollment in the ILE, however, because of financial aid reasons, some students may find it necessary to enroll in both concurrently. A student is required to develop an approved capstone paper topic with the HM 893 course instructor prior to enrollment in the course.

Evaluation of the capstone paper is done by two MPH faculty members. If one or more grade point discrepancy exists between the two evaluations, a third evaluator is sought.

For further information on HM 893: Public Health Integrative Learning Experience, please reference the Master of Public Health Integrative Learning Experience Handbook.



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