Furr-Holden Health Equity Research Workgroup

The Michigan State University Health Equity Research Workgroup is comprised of faculty and staff in the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Division of Public Health working on issues essential to health equity in Flint, MI and beyond.


  • Debra Furr-Holden, PhD
  • Rick Sadler, PhD
  • Mieka Smart, DrPH
  • Julia Felton, PhD
  • Heatherlun Uphold, PhD


  • Tae Blair, Executive Assistant 
  • Alejandro Orengo, Director of Photography


  • Leah Maschino, MPH, Project Administrator
  • Mary Crawford, Project Coordinator
  • Zac Buchalski, MS, Data Analyst
  • Alan Harris, GIS Analyst
  • Clara Barajas, Senior Research Assistant
  • Gabriel Holden, Research Assistant
  • Adam Milam, Research Specialist