Furr-Holden Media Coverage

Selected Video Media:

Joining the Fight

Sharper Focus, Wider Lens

JHU Race in America Series with Tah-Nehisi Coates

JHU Town Hall: On Freddie Gray

ABC News: Baltimore’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

JHU Social Determinants of Health Conference: The Human Capital Consequences of Incarceration

Building Bridges to Improve Population Health (2015) – Public Policy Presentation

Public Policy Discussion

Selected print media:

Spring 2017:  Public health researcher seeks data-driven solutions in Flint, Michigan

April 14, 2016:  A Tale of Two Baltimore’s: Experts discuss roots of city health disparities

February 17, 2016:  Drug Treatment Centers Less Likely Than Liquor Stores to Attract Violent Crime: Study

Magic number: Where did alcohol setbacks come from, and do they protect kids?

DEA: 80 percent more drugs taken during pharmacy looting during Baltimore unrest than previously reported

Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center (HFRCC)


NIMBY: Drug Treatment Centers Don’t Increase Crime

Study Debunks Claim That Drug Treatment Centers Unsafe

Do drug treatment centers bring more crime to a neighborhood?: JHU Magazine

After riots, Baltimore liquor stores struggle to reopen

Presidential Award for Effort to Reduce Violence, Alcohol and Drugs in Baltimore Neighborhoods.

National Public Radio: In Baltimore, Mapping the World of Addiction (audio is available and can be downloaded from the site)

The Last Word on Nothing: Mapping Baltimore’s Addiction

Baltimore Sun: Advocacy for drug treatment in Baltimore

Screening and Moderator: A Doctor of My Own

Crisis Magazine: Cleaning up the Hood

Rolling Stone: A window Into the World: Girl on Wire

WPR: Debate Continues Over Liquor Store Closures Under New Zoning Code

Baltimore Sun (May, 2015: Owner of burned-out liquor store unsure about reopening

Baltimore Sun OpEd (June 25, 2012) - Closing liquor stores in poor communities will improve public health