International Public Health

(Major code: 2843)

The world we live in is becoming increasingly “smaller,” and as a result, health is now a global issue. Bioterrorism, global warming, health worker migration, and the threat of global pandemics, are among the numerous health-related issues with global implications. International public health requires a collective approach to addressing health issues that transcend national borders. Leaders are needed with the knowledge, understanding and skills to work effectively in various cultural settings to address critical health problems with significant global political and economic impact, both domestically and internationally.


 Required Online Courses:

Global Public Health HM 832 Global Public Health (Spring)

This course covers factors and dynamics that affect global public health. Application of public health principles and policies in international settings. Incorporation of cultural dynamics into public health practice.
Poverty and Public Health HM 837 Poverty and Public Health (Fall)

This course provides an in-depth examination of the concepts of health and poverty and their interrelatedness from a global and public health perspective.
Comparative Healthcare Systems HM 836 Comparative Healthcare Systems (Spring)

Public health and culture, environment, psychosocial and economic issues. Healthcare systems and health policies. Community health assessments.
Cultural Aspects of Public Health Practice HM 838 Cultural Aspects of Public Health Practice (Fall)

This course will 1) examine the cultural factors and dynamics that affect the health and health status of human populations, and 2) apply knowledge of these cultural concepts to improve public health practice in domestic and international settings.
Water and Public Health HM 839 Water and Public Health (Spring)

Water is central to human survival and plays a primal role in causing and spreading diseases. This course provides a broad, global examination of the role of water in public health, focusing on the global crisis of water quantity and quality.
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