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Spring Semester of 2017 Graduates

Sharde Burton

Master of Public Health, Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research and Trials Management

 Burton Sharde Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: Sharde plans to pursue employment now that she has earned her Master of Public Health degree.

Matthew Cerasale

Master of Public Health

 Cerasale Matthew Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: During the course of earning his Master of Public Health degree, Matthew has obtained a new position in an academic medical center. He will be working on quality improvement research in a hospital setting. He was also able to achieve a tenure-track appointment as an assistant professor of medicine.

Christopher Diroff

Master of Public Health, Doctor of Medicine

 Diroff Christopher Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: Christopher will continue toward his goal of providing both individualized and community-based health care by completing a family medicine residency at Beaumont’s Troy hospital.


Melissa Garcia

Master of Public Health

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Future Plans: Melissa currently manages a federal nutrition program in Detroit, MI. After her position ends with that program, she plans to join the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program. She is very passionate about program planning, program implementation, and public health training and hopes to take on a high level position with the WIC program.


Patrice Hicks

Master of Public Health, Graduate Certificate in Public Health Administration

 Hicks Patrice Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: Patrice has decided to further her education by pursuing her PhD in population health science with a focus on clinical and translational epidemiology. She has chosen to attend the University of Utah School of Medicine for her PhD, where she was offered full tuition and a graduate assistantship conducting research at the Moran Eye Center. Her career goals include continuing research in the ophthalmic field as it pertains to patient care and prevention and obtaining a teaching position at the collegiate level.


Hina Joshua

Master of Public Health, Graduate Certificate in Public Health Informatics

 Joshua Hina Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: With an in-depth knowledge of disease processes, medical management of diseases, clinical research methods and now public heath practices, Hina is driven by the desire to save lives, prevent disease, and promote health through data-driven decision-making in formulating public health policies and strategies. She aspires to apply public health informatics methods to empower communities and organizations. Hina is currently searching for employment in the health industry with particular interests in positions dealing with the generation of scientific knowledge from raw surveillance data and disseminating information to entities with greatest use for it.


Sarah Kangas

Master of Public Health

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Margaret Mccliment

Master of Public Health

 Mccliment Margaret Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: Margaret has sixteen years of experience as an environmental health specialist and hopes to use the knowledge she gained through her Master of Public Health studies to obtain a position with the State of Michigan continuing to promote public health.


Anne Mitchell

Master of Public Health, Graduate Certificate in Food Safety and Toxicology

 Mitchell Anne Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: Anne does not plan to pursue further education in the immediate future. She is currently pursuing employment opportunities in the public health field.


Mark Olson

Master of Public Health

 Olson Mark Grad Rec Photo 050817 

 Future Plans: Mark is currently pursuing employment opportunities in a public health related field.


Jamie Qualls

Master of Public Health, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

 Qualls Jamie Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: Jamie will be starting her family medicine residency in the St. John Providence Hospital System in Southfield, MI. She graduated with her DO this spring semester of 2017 and will complete her residency in 2020. Jamie also plans to take on a leadership role with the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group (PBNSG), a non-profit community organization in Birmingham, MI. Her career goals include opening a direct primary care clinic in the Southeast Michigan area. She would like to integrate her clinic with the work of PBNSG to create a community wellness center where people can obtain access to primary care medicine and gain education, support, and resources on optimal nutrition for prevention and reversal of chronic diseases.


Kristina Ressler

Master of Public Health

  Ressler Kristina Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: Kristina plans to pursue a position directing pediatric programs within underserved communities in Michigan, including the community of Flint, MI.


Rachel Sams

Master of Public Health

 Sams Rachel Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: Rachel realized the importance of public health nine years ago when she entered the field of infection prevention. With a BA in microbiology and a BS in nursing, along with an interest in communicable disease, infection prevention seemed a logical career choice. Working in infection prevention, in an acute care hospital, has shown her how local healthcare institutions need to be engaged with public health officials for the betterment of the community. Preventing infections within the walls of the institution we work is not enough. Rachel plans to use the knowledge gained during from her Master of Public Health to engage local healthcare institutions with public health.


Amanda Seader

Master of Public Health, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

 Seader Amanda Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: Amanda is completing her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program this spring semester of 2017. She plans to use the knowledge obtain through her degree programs to work with the One Health program through the Institute of International Health at Michigan State University.


Lindsay Spohn

Master of Public Health

 Spohn Lindsay Grad Rec Photo 050817

Future Plans: Lindsay completed her practicum at the Monroe County Health Department where she was offered a part-time position in public health emergency preparedness.



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